Care is Better than Cure

Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Many of us remember this old adage when it comes to our homes and our vehicles, but do we always remember our health this way?

Good health is our true wealth. As children, a large majority of us enjoy good health, strength, stamina, balance, flexibility, vitality and fitness, and therefore thrive. As adults, we tend to get bogged down with the daily stresses of life, are low on energy and therefore strive. More often than not, we ignore the body’s subtle messages that come in the form of tiredness, tension, pain or discomfort, until they manifest as illnesses. We all know the intensity of fear, worry and ‘what ifs’ that we experience, as we set about looking for healing and a cure.

The good news is ‘care’ is not a daunting task, and offers the emotion of appreciation, empowerment and fun. Creating a little time for Self every day can go a long way in maintaining the health one already has. In the silence of our hearts, we can connect to who we truly are and receive true guidance – guidance that helps us align our mind-body-spirit connection.

The beautiful mind is a treasure house of brilliance, great power and amazing faculties, that once tapped into, can be taught how to flow more energy to what we do want. The amazing body – the most sophisticated chemical factory in the world, is filled with tremendous wisdom and healing, and is very attentive – constantly listening and responding to our thoughts, conversations and the environment we are in. It knows how to keep us in balance and harmony. The question is, “Do we pay enough attention to the body’s subtle messages and requests and do we listen to our inner guidance?”
Guidance comes to us in the form of emotion, and e-motion is nothing but energy in motion. Therefore, what we choose to observe, think, speak, believe, act upon and feel affects the physical body. In other words, our habitual patterns of focusing on what we do want or on what we don’t want, is a flowing of energy and generates positive or negative emotional responses.

In learning to tune in to this inner guidance, we become more deliberate in making ‘better feeling’ choices for the body and mind. A daily menu of breath-body-mind exercises, quieting the mind, positive self talk and deliberate intentions to feel good, will yield great health benefits. Conscious deep breathing helps us take in more delicious oxygen that serves as fuel for the cells in the body. Exercising our mental and physical muscles enhances our general state of well-being, allowing us to lead the magnificent and abundant lives that we are meant to live.

~ Yolanda Gonsalves

Life Begins at the end of the Comfort Zone

That murky sense of restlessness you experience, that sort of void you feel, even though everything’s going well, you’re sailing through life on cruise control, one day flowing into the next with steadfast rhythm, everything just the way you want it to be – well, that’s a sign. That restlessness is a sign that you’re reaching the end of your comfort zone. It’s a sign that you’re content for now, but eager for more of life. It’s a sign that you are seeking growth, a sign of new desire. And each of those signs are leading to excitement, eagerness, adventure – all outside your comfort zone.
For many of us, the banter of thoughts that often follow the initial excitement of something new or different is “Why? Why upset the apple cart? Why stir things up? I’m comfortable. Why change?”, followed by more ‘What ifs’, worries and fears.
Staying put inside your comfort zone is like buying a high-powered engine and keeping it locked in the garage, or driving it around town on cruise control. You would want to explore and enjoy its efficiency ,capabilities, and power, right?
Well, we are also high-powered energy-beings, with life force surging through us, all day every day, waiting to explore the infinite possibilities of life. All we have to do is summon that energy. We are here for a purpose – one of joy and adventure. We are meant for greater things, for the extra-ordinary. Sure, the comfort zone is a beautiful and safe place (or so we imagine), but nothing ever grows there (except resistance of course). Nothing grows, because nothing changes and change IS growth.
The paradox of the Comfort Zone is that we are truly not comfortable in there. We just get comfortable complaining, being bored, frustrated, worried, afraid and insecure.
Stepping out of the C-Zone does not always mean taking a leap of faith or doing radically different things. It means being eager and willing to play, grow and expand with life. This begins with baby steps, chipping off the walls of fear and limiting beliefs, to explore a little more every day. It means doing everyday things differently to keep your love for life alive.
For starters, try a different route to work, or do as many things as you can with your non-dominant hand and see how much fun you get out of it.
As Brian Tracy says, “Move out of your comfort zone. You can grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new”.

~ Yolanda Gonsalves

From Fear to Freer

Abraham® reminds us that “The basis of life is freedom, the purpose or goal is joy and the result of that perfect combination is motion forward  of growth and expansion.”

Freedom takes on a different perspective for each one of us, simply because each one perceives differently – through the beliefs we pick up from our culture, our religion and our own life experiences.  For some freedom means living in a free country, expressing oneself freely, enjoying safety and security.  For some others, freedom comes when they are one with whatever they are focused upon – perhaps playing a sport, a musical instrument, singing, dancing, painting, physical exercise, or just walking on a beautiful beach, watching a sunrise or sunset.  It’s like time stands still and satisfaction speeds up.

However, these moments of freedom are often limited to that specific time-space.  When we return to the flow of everyday life, we often return to patterns of feeling restless, fearful, confined, trying hard to fit in, feeling controlled by the musts, shoulds, ifs and buts.  In our quest for freedom from all these conditions, we sometimes end up creating more fear, more insecurity, more resistance, more limitations, more self sabotage, feeling more tied down than free.  Yes, we’ve come to realize that we are so free that we can even choose bondage.

True freedom comes when we begin to align with the realities of life.  It is a state of presence, of joy and expansion that isn’t conditioned by circumstances.  It’s when we hold no one responsible for the way we feel.  It is a state where life becomes meaningful, when the feeling of doubt fades and is replaced with trust, when fear fades and is replaced with love.  It is the freedom we were all born with – the freedom to be, do or have whatever we desire, the freedom to feel good, the freedom to choose, the freedom to explore infinite possibilities, the freedom to love, the freedom to live our lives freely and fearlessly, from a place of unconditional love.

Freedom from is a very important and deliberate step towards reclaiming our freedom to.  As we begin to free ourselves from the bondage of fear, our past, our negative experiences, and learn to make peace with or forgive ourselves and others, we clean up resistant thought patterns.  As these old patterns or conditioning of living in resistance soften and dissolve, we begin to experience our freedom to. This however takes consistent practice of allowing, of focusing and flowing our energies towards what we want – our freedom to.

The good news is that this freedom is within each one of us.  It is the freedom to choose in every moment, no matter what. In fact, the knowledge that each one of us creates our own reality and, that we can feel the way we choose to feel, is in itself truly liberating.

~ Yolanda Gonsalves

Know your breath, Know yourself

As we are experiencing the benefits of deep breathing, understanding the value of more oxygen in our life, and realizing that oxygen IS the wonder drug for all of us, we find ourselves talking about and emphasizing more and more on the importance of deep, conscious breathing.

We all know that breath is a vital element for us; that breathing is the single most important function of our body; that our intelligent body takes care of our breathing; that our lungs have tremendous capacity to take in more air. The question is: Do we breathe correctly? Do we breathe enough? The truth is, 9 out of 10 of us aren’t.

With less air in our body, there is less oxygen, less fuel and less energy. The quality of our life depends on the quantity of air we take in. As children, we breathe fully and correctly. In the process of life’s changes, and all the drama and trauma we put ourselves through, we forget to take in fuller breaths. Quite often we feel tired, fall sick, lack focus and attention, feel bad, think negative thoughts and are pessimistic about everyone and everything around us. Our bodies feel heavy and our minds are confused, leaving us with a lack of energy, interest, excitement and a zest for life.

Deep, deliberate, conscious belly breathing is the answer to all this – the answer to living happier, freer, healthier and a more abundant life. Deep belly breathing is vital to our well-being, because when we inhale, we receive oxygen – the fuel for the cells in our body, and when we exhale, we release toxins and body waste. Yes, 70% of our toxins are released through breathing.

Oxygen repairs our cells, feeds our brains and calms our nerves. It restores our metabolism, changes our body chemistry, transforms the cellular structure and also enhances our energy levels. We build a close bond with our body and begin to listen to its wisdom. As Pam Grout (Breathing Coach and New York Times best-selling author) says, ‘Oxygen IS the big Kahuna!”

So again, are you breathing correctly? Try this: “Place one hand on your chest, the other on your abdomen. Now breathe as you normally would. What’s moving, the hand on the chest or abdomen? If the hand on your chest is moving instead of the hand on the abdomen, then your breathing is incorrect.”

It’s time then to correct the way you breathe, to retrain yourself and learn how to breathe fully and properly.

~ John Gonsalves

Happiness Matters

Consider this:  ‘What makes me happy?  What makes my heart sing and soar?  What puts me on a high flying disc?  How do I create my happiness?

Yes, every one of us want to be happy.  It is after all the greatest value on earth.  We thrive when we are happy.  We are healthy when we are happy.  We are successful when we are happy. The best happens to and for us when we are happy.  When John Powell said, “Happiness is an inside job”, he was referring to unconditional happiness.  Sure, the conditions and the people around add to one’s happiness, but the source of one’s happiness lies within.  It depends on the choices we make, our attitude and our perspective.   It depends on what we choose to think, and how we choose to feel in every moment.  In every situation we DO have a choice – to be or not to be, to react or to respond, to be right or to be happy.

Take children for example, they are mostly happy, bubbling with positive energy, full of life and enthusiasm.  They run, skip, jump, dance and have fun most of the time.  To be happy is normal and natural for us, like a cork bobbing on water.  It is our resistance that bogs us down, that robs us of our happy state.  If we can practice shifting our attention from the conditions around us that we dislike or the conditions that displease us and pay more attention to the conditions around us that we like, or that which pleases us, then we are practicing unconditional happiness.  In other words, complaining or criticizing less and appreciating more, reminding oneself that the only condition one has any control over is oneself, one’s choices and one’s own happiness.

Spending a little time each day connecting with your Inner Self, expanding your awareness, making a deliberate choice to be happy, paying more attention to what you want and what you like, appreciating who you are, what you have and what you do, making choices and making them right, letting go of expectations of self and others, are sure shot ways of expanding your inner world of happiness.

And then, as Abraham-Hicks says: “Tell everyone you know:  ‘My happiness depends on me, so you’re off the hook.’  And then demonstrate it. Be happy, no matter what they’re doing.  Practice feeling good, no matter what.  And before you know it, you will not give anyone else responsibility for the way you feel – and then, you’ll love them all. The only reason you don’t love them now, is because you’re using them as your excuse to not feel good.”

~ Yolanda Gonsalves

The Measure of My Success is Joy

Everything that everyone desires is for one reason only: they believe they will feel good in the having of it.” ~ Abraham-Hicks

These words speak to me every time, and in a way that resonates on so many different levels, and in so many different instances in my life.  Scenes of my life flash before me as I write this, recalling the many choices I’ve made, decisions on friendships and relationships, jobs I’ve changed, money earned, money spent.  Each time, these words reach me so fully, and so powerfully.  Most times it’s a reinforcement of my beliefs and my alignment with my own guidance system. At other times, it’s a reminder that I’m out of whack – allowing fear, worry, other negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and the conditions around me to determine how I feel.  I’ve come to love and appreciate these reminders, aware that it’s always the call of Source (God, Higher Intelligence) guiding and nudging me back onto the path of least resistance, reminding me that ‘Nothing is more important than that I feel good.’

The path of least resistance is the path of joy. It’s about choosing better feeling thoughts; it’s about what makes me feel good; it’s about enjoying the experience of the choices I make.  Even when I decide to go along with someone else’s plan, I know I can choose whether to enjoy the experience and the learning, or not.  It’s about being receptive and following the impulses – my true guidance; it’s about being connected to Source.  I know that this path is not always easy, logical or practical, but with practice, patience and perseverance, it definitely becomes more satisfying. It feels good. It feels natural. It feels right. It’s exhilarating, as it propels me forward.  Inspired thoughts and actions flow with ease, culminating in more joyous life experiences – everyday miracles, so to speak.

Speaking of miracles, the unfolding of my life feels like one.  Every day feels better, every life experience is more delicious, and every contrast is a gift of personal growth. Things are unfolding with precise orchestration of time and place, (thank you Universe) and with much more ease and flow. An example of this was my dream to explore my passion for culinary arts, which has come about in the guise of Palate Perks, constantly choosing to have lots of fun, trusting that the path is unfolding beneath my feet.

Every morning I remind myself of two things – that the joy is in the JOurneY, not the destination, and to let Joy be the only the measure of my success.
~ Yolanda Gonsalves